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ヘルスとウェルネスのリトリート, ヨガリトリート,

フランスの食文化を楽しむ週末, ビーチサッカー週末


  • Pre-Halloween Party Weekend
    Shimoda House Cottage
    10月22日 19:00 – 10月24日 18:00
    Shimoda House Cottage, 726-5 Kazōno, Shimoda, Shizuoka 413-0713, Japan
    Come haunt a cottage with us for a pre-Halloween Party Weekend in nature. Beach or trail at daytime, a frightening costumed party at night time, and a traditional onsen on the last day to fully recover before returning to Tokyo. An occasion to also relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Shimoda
  • Beach Soccer Weekend
    Time is TBD
    Shimoda House Cottage
    Time is TBD
    Shimoda House Cottage, 726-5 Kazono, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka 413-0713, Japan
    Soccer on the beautiful beaches of Shimoda, BBQ, and great time in a cottage immersed in the vibrant landscape of Shimoda. The perfect weekend for soccer enthusiasts looking for a fun getaway.
  • French Weekend
    Time is TBD
    Shimoda House Cottage
    Time is TBD
    Shimoda House Cottage, 726-5 Kazono, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka 413-0713, Japan
    Discover the french culture through themed workshops around delicious food, fine wine, classic french music, movies, and more, while learning some useful french for your next trip in France. A weekend to enjoy with friends and shared to you by Brice.






Our Yoga Instructor Brice led a group of 10 people for a weekend of guided meditation, restorative yoga, and healthy food. Brice took the group to unique places where our participants were able to meditate and perform breathing exercises at the sound of the waves. 




Two days of relaxation and self-discovery with our life coaches and yoga instructors Yurie, Elly, and Tomoko including early morning mediation and yoga, healthy food, and Point of You workshops. We also tried ourselves to sup-paddle yoga and enjoyed some good time at the beach.




An escape that physically and spiritually took the participants far away from their ordinary lives combining meditation, yoga, self-discovery workshops, unique relaxation activities with crystal bowls and harp sessions, and of course healthy and delicious food prepared by a chef at the House.

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SHIMODA HOUSE COTTAGEは大切な家族、恋人、友達、仲間と思う存分、ゆったりとセカンドハウスの様に過ごして頂きたい願いを込めています。大自然の中で、鳥のさえずり、風の音、緑、太陽の輝き、木の香り、全ての自然を身で感じ、癒されるとっておきの時間を過ごせることでしょう。都会で忘れかけている、自然の美しさと時の流れを取り戻せる隠れ家。目覚めて一面の緑。ヨガもできるテラスもご用意しています。ビーチまで車で25分。山と海を同時に楽しめるロケーション。心も体も健康的に。心を込めて大切な人に共有して頂きたいハウスコテージです。










  • 二段ベッド(2人)

  • ソファーベッド(2人)

  • シングルベット1部屋

  • フローリングの居間1部屋。こちらは、敷布団4枚敷けます。


Accessible by the ladder from the dinning kitchen

  • 二段ベッド(2人)

  • シングルベット2部屋



  • こちらも2枚布団が敷けます。子供が大好きなお部屋。またぐっすり眠りたい方もどうぞ。



  • ハンモック

  • キャンプのテント


  • ご自宅と同じように料理を楽しめる空間。

  • ​6人掛けのダイニングテーブル。キッチンご自由にお使いください​。


  • 眺めがとっても綺麗です。追い炊き機能も付いています。


  • たくさんの椅子があります。

  • ゆっくり過ごしてください。

  • 喫煙する方は、こちらでお願いします。


  • 外に出て、階段を下っていくとテラスがあります。虫も良くいますのでホウキで掃いてかご使用ください。


At the House

Forest bathing

Nature/stars sightseeing

Movie night on the big screen

Camping with the tents

​Animal watch


Toys and books for the kids

Near by

Forest walk or by the river

​Cherry blossom viewing

Beach soccer/futsal

Surfing & body board

Diving & Snorkeling


​Cave & Sand-sliding​





A wonderful getaway in nature. Very quiet and secluded, a nice counter to fast pace city life.

Mr. Patrick
and his family

Cottage is immerse in nature, it’s the perfect place to unwind and recharge. She’s very helpful, welcoming and attentive. We really enjoyed our stay in her beautiful cottage. The panorama from the balcony is breathtaking.

Mr. Giancarlo
with 5 friends